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Thinkful grad from here. TL; DR: It's good, and it's worth it. got a job a week after the cohort was over and Thinkful was a big reason. If your a novice in coding I would not reccomend a bootcamp and just go into apprentice or internship work. I did thinkful and it was not. If you end up with an unusually low paying programming job, you pay Thinkful less than their education would have otherwise cost. See those. Has anyone taken this bootcamp? I'm curious to hear any reviews or if it's perhaps worth it. I just recently graduated from Thinkful's data science bootcamp and since I came to reddit to search for which bootcamp to use, I thought I'd.

review is made by the student at the end of the Career Services Period. TRP eligibility will be determined upon review. Sign up for learning resources sent. I personally don't think 27, is worth it. Just from your post, you sound extraordinarily skeptical go with your gut. There are many more. Overall, I'd say don't trust any camp that offers a 99% placement rate or any such nonsense. The market is absolutely saturated with Junior devs. worth the high price tag. We will also be Worth It? What's The Best Digital Marketing Hi, I plan on doing the same bootcamp on October. In my opinion Thinkful has a reasonably good price. I took a loan and plan on paying upfront. Thinkful has mostly solid reviews, is a cheap option compared to some with deferred payments, and they allow you to do 2 weeks free to check. To me, they are a certificate pusher with no recognition in the valley. I recommend either doing a more reputable program like hackreactor. Thinkful - We offer a skills-based curriculum and career Reddit, and Medium that you can use to learn more Reviews. Follow. Twitter · Facebook · Instagram. A self-learner is advised to leverage technical discussion, forums on social networking groups, and portals like Reddit, Quora, and Medium. These are a great. I am in the prep course for Thinkful right now! The actual program hasn't started yet, but I'll have a week after it starts to decide if I. I suggest you look at App Academy Open as it is currently the most "complete", free, thinkful style bootcamp, and it was recently updated too.

Thinkful - Pros include self paced (can finish faster and therefore cheaper), full stack JS which seems to be in high demand, 2x weekly mentor. They promise getting a good job about the same salary but the quality of service and education is worse than free stuff you can find online. I've read numerous reviews of all the web development bootcamps, but didn't really see one discussing Thinkful honestly. Thinkful is worth it given the personal attention and professional guidance that students receive. In addition, the school is a great option if you are a busy. Hi, I've done research into Thinkful and found many mixed reviews. Seems like the drop-out rate is very high and I think that is because of most. In terms of support staff, Thinkful is a great community of people that want you to succeed in this field. The majority of instructors are understanding of your. devs, Freecodecamp, and The Odin project Are all free and the reviews tend to be pretty positive. Paying money!= better bootcamp. Upvote. Has anyone had a terrible experience with thinkful? Didn't get your tuition refund? Felt like the course wasn't very helpful? I've been thinking about doing Thinkful as well and have looked at not just reviews but the actual students that have taken the course. Check.

By Thinkful. As soon as we try to picture a software developer, we Reddit. Job Preparation. The Bureau of Labor Reviews. Follow. Twitter · Facebook. I believe thinkful's upfront tuition is $10k? But even at half the price of codesmith or hackreactor, the outcomes data is so markedly low it. Yes, Thinkful's worth it. There are many Thinkful reviews attesting to the benefits of this coding bootcamp. One Thinkful software engineering review. thinkful vs, thinkful , thinkful react mock interview, thinkful review Reddit , thinkful webinar eventbrite, thinkful song, thinkful. I attended the Thinkful Data Analytics bootcamp program. I didnt get the job as promised and still was left with the school loan balance despite them making.

Connect with Professionals: Social media platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Facebook have groups dedicated to web development. You can connect with experts, find.

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